Thin film turns ordinary glasses into the night vision device

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Australian scientists have developed a new type of night vision technology. The first-in-kindup film is applied directly to points and serves as a filter that needs only a laser in order to convert infrared light into an image perceived by the human eye.

The film that was invented in the Australian National University is made of nanocrystals on technology that scientists are developing more than one year. Tiny particles convert infrared radiation into high-energy photons of the visible spectrum. In 2016, scientists took the first step to creating a transformative film light — for the first time created a layer of nanocrystals on a glass plate,

According to the scientist, the film does not require any source of energy, only a tiny laser seems to be put into light pointers, the light of which nanocrystals are combined with incoming infrared radiation. Compactness and low weight make this invention with an excellent offer for the army, police and protection. In addition, glasses with night vision feature can be released for domestic use, for example, for those who often drive the car or walks at night.

«For the first time, someone managed to transform infrared light into the visible images on the superflux screen,» said Professor Dragomir Neshev, the author of the study. — This is a very interesting invention that will forever change the night vision technology. «

Recently physicists from Austria and the Netherlands

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