Vertical batteries by 30% increase the supply of electric vehicles


The British Automobile Startup Page-Roberts intends to increase the efficiency of electrocars due to a number of patented engineering solutions. The company proposes to abandon the traditional approach to the design of platforms, where the batteries are located in the bottom of the car, and move the batteries into the cabin. Such a layout layout with the aerodynamic design will increase the supply of electric cars by 30% with the same capacity of the battery pack,

Paged-Roberts rethinks the generally accepted standard of modular platforms for electric cars to which Volkswagen, General Motors, Tesla and many other automakers are relying. Instead of using a monolithic design, combined with a wheelbase, the startup transfers the battery to the salon and sets them vertically between the seats. At the same time, the rear seats unfold — passengers look against the movement of the car — and the electrocar itself becomes noticeably lower due to the free space at the bottom of the body.

The company believes that the updated layout solves most of the challenges of an electricity oriented. According to Freddie Page Roberts, modular platforms lead automakers to high production costs, reduce the aerodynamic indicators of their electric vehicles, and also forced to develop additional systems to protect the batteries in case of an accident. Excess components increase the weight of the electrocars, which means even more reduce the distance of the course.

«Our concept reduces costs, increases efficiency, increases maneuverability and offers freedom of design. Efficiency means a smaller time of charging batteries with a large radius of action, so the load on the charge points is another key problem for the industry — will also be reduced, «explained the technical director of the Page Roberts Mark Simon.

The design of the Page-Roberts provides two approaches to the development of passenger electric vehicles. In the first case, the automaker can increase the stroke reserve by saving the battery capacity. And in the second, the company will be able to maintain the initial range, but to reduce the size of the battery, which will noticeably affect the cost of the machine. Startup predicts that the production costs of leading autocontracens can be reduced by 36% when switching to a new layout developed by it.

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