Vitamin D reduces intestinal cancer risks by 50%


This trend was especially evident in people under the age of 50. Scientists also determined that vitamin D from the diet was more useful than food additives.

The incidence of colorectal cancer continuously increases in people up to 50 years and while scientists cannot accurately explain why this happens. Among the most obvious factors — later appeal to the doctor and limited diagnostics even with complaints. American scientists from the Institute for Studying Cancer Dana-Farber decided to estimate the potential benefits of vitamin D as a simple prophylactic agent against intestinal cancer.

The study was attended by almost 95 thousand women aged from 25 to 42 years, which regularly provided data on the lifestyle, nutrition, medical examinations and health status for about 25 years. About results

During this time, scientists recorded 111 cases of colorectal cancer and 3317 cases of polyps in the intestines — the probable predecessors of the tumor.

Scientists also noted that people after 50 years the correlation was no longer so strong, but the reasons for this are not yet clear.

«It is very important to understand the risk factors of the colorectal cancer at a young age in order to reasonably recommend a certain diet and lifestyle,» the authors concluded.

It is curious that earlier another group of scientists has discovered a different tendency: vitamin D deficiency

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