Wearable device does not give older people to fall


With age, the feeling of equilibrium worsens, and people start slightly swinging when walking. The risk of falls and fractures increases, after which the elderly is difficult to recover. Japanese engineers have come up with a solution — an electronic device that is put on the finger and gives a signal if a person loses its equilibrium.

Scientists from the National University of Yokohama noticed that if the finger of a swinging person touches a light, militant surface — for example, a curtain or sheet of paper, then even such a tactile signal is enough to correct the posture and prevent equilibrium loss. It does not matter that the surface is not too reliable and to rely on it will not work.

This effect of «easy touch» researchers and decided to use when creating an electronic device,

The experimental system was tested by 150 volunteers aged from 60 to 90 years. The results showed that the device significantly reduces the swaying. The next task of developers is to make the system easier and less, as well as increase its effectiveness.

Specialists of Stanford University

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