Artificial intelligence finished the unfinished symphony of Beethoven

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The last completed symphony of Beethoven is considered ninth. After her end, the composer began the tenth, but died, leaving only sketches. Since then, the musicians and fans have studied the records of the genius and broke the head, trying to understand what kind of symphony No. 10 could be. Thanks to the cooperation of historians, composers and information technology professionals, the plan of Beethoven got an embodiment. The tenth symphony consisting of two parts with a total duration of more than 40 minutes will first be presented on October 9.

In 1817, the British Royal Philharmonic Society instructed Beethoven to write two symphonies, No. 9 and 10. The world-famous ninth was completed in 1824. By that time, the state of the composer’s health began to worsen, and after three years he died, leaving only the sketches to the tenth.

Since then, attempts on the reconstruction of Symphony have been repeatedly taken. The most famous — in 1988, when the musicologist Barry Cooper offered his interpretation of the first and second part of the work, connecting 250 musical clocks from Beethoven’s sketches. However, the materials remained too little to get complete symphonies,

In early 2019, Mattias Röder, director of the Elett and Herbert Institute von Karaians, Austrian organization engaged in the development of musical technologies,

As the project develops, there has been increasingly close cooperation of scientists and cars. Music studies deciphered and transcribed records of an unfinished symphony, trying to understand the author’s intent. Having before the eyes of the completed works of Beethoven, they were looking for a suitable place for each fragment. AI engaged in creating a long and complex musical structure from a short motive or phrase. To do this, he had to carefully examine how Beethoven created a fifth symphony of four notes, how to connect musical passages, how to orchestrice an essay.

As a result, after a year and a half, the team received two full pieces of symphony with a duration of over 20 minutes each. Full recording of the tenth Symphony of Ludwig Van Beethoven will be released on October 9, 2021, on the same day, when the world premiere of the work in Bonn (Germany) will be held.

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