ATLAS robot learned to Parkour and new acrobatic tricks

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Boston Dynamics has published a few new video with dongy «satles» in the title. Robots are jumping from the cabinets to the cabinet and through the log, cool, but retain the balance, and at the end synchronously perform the flip back. At the same time, robots support balancing almost like people — when watching the roller does not leave the feeling that the tricks do not perform a car, but a man in a robot costume. In the second video, the company allows the audience to look behind the scenes and talks about the development process.

In the past, Boston Dynamics has already answered a question why Parkour’s robots: this is a research project that helps engineers develop advanced control and perception systems. The research program includes acrobatics and parkur, which robots regularly entertain Internet users.

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In his blog, the company’s engineers are still stopped on how «Atlas» has changed over the years. According to them, in past speeches, he was practically blind — simply performed spent movements that were successful if the gymnastic shells remained in their places. But now they receive more information from the environment, that is, they can be less programmed.

In addition, compared with the past tricks, in these atlas movements, they look more human. So, for 37 seconds, the robot jumps on the platform, it loses the balance for a second, but restores it. This is an example of a dynamic reaction to the circumstances that has not been programmed.

Last year Boston Dynamics

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