British genetics received funds for the resurrection of a woolly mammoth

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Ten thousand years after the woolly mammoths disappeared from the face of the Earth, Bologists from Colossal are going to return them to life, cross with an extinct view of the elephants and release to the will, in the tundra. This feature was discussed earlier, but now it has become less hypothetical — the developers attracted funding in the amount of $ 15 million.

Colossal was created by the entrepreneur Ben Lamm, together with the famous geneticist, professor at the Harvard Medical School George Chechch, one of the pioneers of the new approach to genetic editing. He and his team are going to fulfill this investor promise, growing an embryo in the laboratory from Elephant DNA and Mammoth.

First, scientists will take the cells of the skin of the extinct Asian elephants, and reprogram them into more versatile stem cells that carry the Mammoth DNA. These genes are responsible for hair cover, subcutaneous fat and other factors of adaptation to the cold climate. They were identified when comparing the Mammoth genome obtained by Paleogenetics methods from the remains found in the eternal Merzlot, and the genome of Asian elephants,

«Our goal is to create elephant-resistant elephants that will be like mammoths on behavior and appearance. Not because we are trying to deceive someone, but because we want to make something functionally equivalent to the mammoth, which will enjoy the temperature -40 C and do everything that elephants and mammoths do, in particular, throw trees, «said Cherch ( Note that there are no trees in the tundra, but so far it does not matter).

Biologists hope to save Asian elephants from extinction, endowing them with features that will allow them to survive in the conditions of the Arctic. In addition, the herd of herbivore mammoth hybrids will help restore this habitat and counteract some aspects of the climatic crisis. For example, they will contribute to the revival of Arctic pastures.

Whether the Asian elephants will want to cross with their woolly births — it is unknown. «Perhaps we are a little bit of them,» Chelher joked.

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