Chinese Thermonuclear Reactor Installed Plasma Hold Record

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Physics took another step to endless and clean energy. By

The idea of the thermalide synthesis is based on the process of highlighting a huge amount of energy, which occurs in the kernel of the stars. There, with extreme temperatures and pressure, the plasma is produced in which the atomic nuclei is rolled together with a huge speed. Scientists of the whole world are building and testing a variety of experimental devices that are launched and studying these reactions on Earth, but the most promising is the bagelized reactor of the Tokamak, like East, which was built by the National Sciences of the PRC in the city of Hontic.

The problem of the metallic torus with magnetic coils is to hold the fluxes of the hot hydrogen plasma from the contact with the walls of the tokamak sufficiently long to have a reaction. In 2016, EAST scientists were able to warm up a hydrogen plasma about 50 million ° C and to keep it in such a state for 102 seconds. Then, in 2018, they raised a bar to 100 million ° C (it is six times hotter than in the center of the Sun), and held this plasma for 10 seconds.

EAST’s ultimate goal — to find a method of retention of plasma at a temperature of about 100 million ° C over 1000 seconds (approximately 17 minutes),

These and other similar tests should help the entire area of thermonuclear physics, including ITER, the largest reactor in the world that must be completed in 2025. The complete operational readiness of the international tokamak will be achieved according to the plans, in 2035.

At the end of last year, the Korean superconducting tokamak KSTAR team

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