Created a drug quickly killing up to 100% breast tumor cells and metastases

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The effect is achieved in a very short time and does not violate the reproductive function. According to scientists, therapy may dramatically change the situation in the treatment of 75% of cases of breast cancer.


Since about 75% of all cancer cases are positive for estrogen receptors, ERSO can change the situation for the most common shape of the tumor of the mammary glands. At the same time, ERSO has the potential for other types of breast tumors, because it requires a small number of receptors for targeting, the authors explain.

The bowl of all the tumor was reduced to undetectable sizes in the week, but there were many cases when the tumor reduction by 99% took place in just three days. And even when a certain amount of cancer cells remained in the body, provoking relapses, the tumors remained sensitive to re-treatment.

It is known that tumor metastasis is considered the key factor in the poor disease. A striking rapid action of ERSO against them most surprised by scientists.

«Meanwhile, this is not another version of Tamoxifen or Fulvestrantrants, which are used to block the transfer of estrogen receptors with breast cancer, are emphasized by the authors. «Although he also associates with an estrogen receptor, it aims to another portion and attacks the protective cell path of cancer.»

It is important to note that therapy did not violate the reproductive function of animals. To these conclusions, scientists came after evaluating the action of ERSO even in very high doses on the models of rats, mice and dogs.

Further research of ERSO, including clinical trials, will be carried out by the pharmaceutical company Bayer AG.

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