Eviation introduced the first serial 9-seater electron

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The first flights of the Eviation aircraft must take place in the fourth quarter of this year, and the company finally showed the serial version of Alice. In such a configuration, a silent ninetyle plane with a stroke of over 800 km will be presented to the Commission to pass the certification procedure.

Israeli Startup Eviation for the first time

Over the course of two years, the design of the Alice aircraft as a whole has not changed — three electric motors manufactured by Magnix for 260 kW, one on the tail, two — on the wings and the characteristic V-shaped tail gave the device a recognizable view. Such a design allowed to accelerate the movement of the air around the fuselage and turn the entire aircraft body into another additional wing to increase the thrust,

According to representatives of the Company, the final design was chosen as a result of accumulated experience and customer reviews. In an updated configuration, the technical characteristics of Alice look like this: a stroke of 814 km, cruising speed of 407 km / h, carrying capacity of 1130 kg, places for two pilots and nine passengers.

The founder of the Eviation Omer Bar-Yohai called the presentation of an improved Alice «final step in a phased movement to the first flight.» «Electric aviation will continue to open up new opportunities for affordable, sustainable regional transport worldwide, he said. — Alice is ready to turn these opportunities in reality very soon. «

Alice is expected to perform regular commercial flights in 2024.

California company Zeroavia.

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