Found a way to defeat the most deadly forms of cancer

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The scientist managed to «open» an uncontrollable protein, which causes an approximately every third case of cancer, and for some types of tumors is directly related to the worst survival forecast. Now it is known how to attack it to cope with cancer.

The RAS protein is very important for human health, but its mutation leads to the development of tumors. It is believed that approximately 20-30% of all known types of tumors are caused by RAS. The same protein is found in 96% of the case of pancreatic cancer and 54% of the cancer of the rectum. And although there is one drug approved for the treatment of cancer with RAS it works only for a small number of cases.

British biologists from Leeds University found a way to aim on RAS to resist the development of the disease,

Until now, the special danger of Ras was due to the impermeability of the protein.

«Since Ras causes up to 30% of all known cancer types, in the therapeutic purposes, it is considered a holy graveyard. Now we were able to demonstrate what a huge impact of our Affimer technology could have been on the treatment of complex pathologies, «the co-author of the work of Emily Turner commented.

Scientists have already identified several molecules that can contact Ras. And although their study is located at the earliest stage, it is very likely that they will be able to become new promising candidates for treatment.

Recently scientists from Canada

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