IBM introduced the world’s first 2-nm chip, relevant 50 billion transistors on it

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IBM Research reported the creation of the first experienced semiconductor on technology 2 Nm, appropriate 50 billion transistors on the chip of the size of the nail. The new architecture will increase the performance by 45% with the same energy costs as the current 7-nm technical process, or reduce energy consumption by 75%, while maintaining the same level of efficiency.

Nanometers are measured in the computer industry the size of transistors. The smaller the number, the more modern generation, higher performance and less microchip energy consumption. IBM was able to fit 50 billion transistors on a chip area of 150 kV. MM is 20 billion more than in 2017, when the company announced a 5-nm breakthrough. This means that the density of transistors is 333 million per square meter. mm,

The new technology will also help reduce the costs of electricity by data-centers, observatory, laboratories of AI and quantum calculations.

IBM managed to make this breakthrough before competitors. Apple M1 and A14 processors appeared along with Huawei Kirin 9000 last fall as the first chips on the 5-nm TSMC technology. Other manufacturers — AMD and Qualcomm — use the 7-nm TSCM technical process, although Snapdragon 888 is made according to the 5-nm SAMSUNG process. TSMC and Samsung work on the 3-nm technical process and their first industrial parties are expected not earlier than the end of next year. As for Intel, the company hardly will release the 7-nm processor earlier than 2023 — now it uses chips by 10 and 14 nm,

It is not known when 2-nm processors will appear in consumer devices. Announcement of the new technology and the beginning of the production of chips on an industrial scale — tasks are different and equally complex. But despite the fact that from the first laptops and smartphones with 2-nm processors of us, most likely, separates a few more years, it is pleasant to realize that more powerful processors are already on the approach.

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