In the near future everyone will be able to clone their voice

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Cloning voices with artificial intelligence — at the same time fatigue and simple process, which is typical for technology, quite ripe to become commonly used. You just need to talk to the microphone text about 30 minutes long, and then dial any text — and now your voice says what you did not pronounce. About the possibilities and dangers of this technology

Thanks to the success in machine training, speech synthesis in recent years is developing rapidly. Previously, the most realistic results could be achieved by cutting pieces of phrases from audio recordings. Now neural networks trained in raw data generate a human speech from scratch. The final result is faster, easier and plausible, and in the near future will certainly become better.

Dozens of startups are already offering such services. Some — Resemble.AI or RespecheR — are engaged only by the synthesis of speech, others (Veritone, Descript) are integrated into large platforms. In August, Sonantic presented the Ai-Voice of the actor Vala Kilmer, who damaged his own in 2014, after tracheotomy. Something similar made recently Bruce Willis, who gave permission to use

In the coming years it is worth waiting for the emergence of a set of cloned votes

Of course, modern AI cannot create a person’s voice with all wealth of intonation, but in many cases — for example, for automatic ads or voice assistants — this is not required. It is easy to imagine that the gamer wants to voice his playing character with his own voice, or an application that reads the child a fairy tale for the night of a parent who cannot be there today. Modern technologies are already capable of such, it remains only to simplify the cloning process.

One thing that can be said for sure: in the future everyone can create an Ii-clone of their voice if he wants.


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