LEAP Aerospace intends to start supersonic passenger flights in 2029

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The South African Billionaire was pleased with the Reddi announced the creation of LEAP Aerospace to develop a new generation of supersonic transport. His first concept — LEAP EON-01 is a passenger aircraft with a triangular wing and at least four engines, resembling the famous «Concord» of the end of the twentieth century.

«We are engaged in the development of a new generation aircraft, which will be an example of a zero carbon emission and will work for 100% sustainable aviation fuel, the company refers to the company’s website. — Leap Aerospace specializes in creating reliable, affordable, safe and clean solutions for air transport. «

The company’s launch of the company provides a personally of Reddi, a 37-year-old entrepreneur, the state of which is estimated at $ 55 billion. According to him, the new aircraft will be a hybridoma of traditional and innovative technologies that will allow drowning noise to overcome the sound barrier, and also reduce the shock wave, reduce aerodynamic Resistance and increase overall efficiency.

In case of complete engine failure, the mechanism of safe landing on land or sea is provided. In the cabin can be placed from 65 to 88 passengers,

LEAP intends to begin preliminary sales of aircraft by cargo and transport organizations, but not private airlines, from the beginning of 2022. The design of the EON-01 has already been completed, now the company will assemble the prototype and the completion of the certification and accreditation process in the regulatory bodies of Europe and the United States. It is expected that all the necessary documents will be obtained approximately three years after creating a working prototype.

Total if everything goes according to plan, the LEAP supersonic passenger passenger aircraft tickets can be bought at the end of 2029.

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