New data confirm herpes and neurodegeneration

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Scientists have revealed new details in the work of a mechanism connecting the virus with irreversible neurons. Association of viral infections with Alzheimer’s disease has long been discussed by scientists, but so far there are not enough data to declare the causal relations between herpes and dementia.

The hypothesis that the reason for neurodegenerative diseases lies in the previously emerged virus infections appeared more than half a century ago, but in the mid-1980s, the focus of scientific research was shifted to the hypothesis of toxic proteins, which against the background of aggregations in the brain provoke neurons. The study of the University of Illinois in Chicago presents new data on the connection of the virus of simple herpes and neurodegeneration and reveals its mechanism,

Removal OPTN in one group of mice infected with the first-type herpes simplex virus, scientists observed the rapid development of infection with severe consequences. Already in a month, they recorded the lesions of the brain tissue and signs of significant neurodegeneration. External symptoms were manifested by a decrease in animal cognitive functions. In the control group, the mice with OPTN had no such rapid changes.

Further observations showed that the OPTN deficiency provokes a violation of an immune response. These consequences can affect the relationship between herpes and neurodegeneration, made the authors.

Meanwhile, from previous studies, it is known about the association of OPTN mutation and lateral amyotrophic sclerosis. It is likely that the influence of OPTN applies to other diseases, but it still has to find out.

Similar data on the viral nature of Dementia was previously introduced a group of scientists from the University of Tafts. Them

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