Non-shifts dramatically increases human biological age — for 5-7 years

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Scientists have shown that even for a very short period, a dream of less than seven hours per day takes away from a person for several years of life. It is not yet clear whether it is possible to reverse at least some consequences, so scientists urge to devote enough time.

To study the consequences of a lack of sleep on the body, scientists analyzed the state of 33 women in age from 23 to 45 years before pregnancy and during the year after the birth of a child. Care for the newborn always violates the usual sleep mode, so this volunteer cohort was the most indicative.

Scientists analyzed the DNA of women in blood samples and determined their biological age before childbirth. Six months later, and the year of sleepless nights they compared the results. Conclusions of research

In addition, scientists have noted them to reduce telomer in leukocytes. Telomers are «tips» chromosomes that protect them. Shorting telomere is considered a sign of early aging and associated with a higher risk of cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases, as well as risk of early mortality.

Of all the participants, more than half of women slept less than seven hours a day. The remaining duration of the rest varied from five to nine hours.

«Sleep is important for health as well as the diet and physical activity, so the care of the night rest is necessary to maintain the state in the long run,» the authors emphasize.

While they do not argue that all changes observed in the body are irreversible. «We do not know whether these effects persist,» they say. Nevertheless, even in a short period, the lack of sleep can significantly worsen health states.

The resulting conclusions confirm many other studies with the participation of men and women of different ages. For example, in one it is reported that regular lack of sleep quickly

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