Pentagon published the long-awaited report on UFO

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The new special unit of the Pentagon, which is engaged in unknown flying and floating objects from the point of view of national security, shared part of the military information about «unidentified air phenomena» (UAP) in the surrounding UFOs. The UAP government program and its report launched a new round of conspirological theories regarding UFOs. However, despite the excitement, there is absolutely no evidence of the existence of aliens. However, there is nothing that would exclude this opportunity.

Last year, the Senate Intelligent Administration Committee requested a secret and undecided version of the UAP report for up to 180 days. The allotted time expired on June 25. Nine-Picture report

Pentagon has a long history of studying UFOs, and in past years the military unveiled many documents. The Air Force was the project «Blue Book» (Project Blue Book), closed in 1969 after the investigation of over 12,500 cases of contacts with UFOs. The CIA published in January a lot of historical information about government attempts to explain unidentified phenomena after closing the project, but none of the cases make it possible to make an irrefutable conclusion about the existence of UFOs.

In 2017, New York Times and Politico confirmed the existence of the new Secret Defense Program — AATIP, the purpose of which was the detection of advanced air threats. This program began in 2007 and ended in five years. As part of the AATIP, the military was also engaged in testing of different scientific fiction ideas — from non-verdability technologies to warp engines and programmable matter,

Then the program appeared heir. In 2020, Senate reported on the existence of the UAP unit with headquarters in the bureau of marine intelligence. In his staff published by his staff, only one case of an unidentified air phenomenon from 144 reports was confirmed. They turned out to be a big air balloon, losing air. The rest remained without explanation.

The investigative material was the reports of military pilots from 2004 to 2021, most — over the past two years. 18 incidents concerned objects with an unusual flight trajectory. 11 described the situation when the planes almost encountered UFOs. There are four videos, with three of which were shot by secrecy in 2020. Tiny, rounded flying objects that move at high speeds are visible on black and white records. On two records, they move over the ocean, on one — rotate.

How do Pentagon experts explain all this? The report contains five possible options:

In 2019 newspaper NYT

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