Rich Spinach diet prevents colon cancer

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Experiments have shown that spinach creates antitumor activity in the intestines, contributes to microbiota biodiversity and normalizes other processes. The addition of the product in the diet is necessary for both people with a hereditary predisposition to the intestinal cancer, and everyone consider scientists.

The hereditary form of colon cancer is about 10-15% of cases, the overwhelming majority is due to the effects of carcinogens through a diet and the environment. From previous studies, scientists knew that the consumption of green vegetables and fiber reduces the risks of the colon cancer approximately halfway.

In the new work of the authors from the University of Texas, the relationship of spinach consumption, intestinal states and the activity of genes in it was studied

In experiments on rat models with genetic predisposition to adenomotor polypose (factor of increased risk of colon cancer), scientists have found that the spinach additive to the diet provides antitumor activity in a thick and small intestine, contributes to microbiota biodiversity, and also changes the activity of genes to prevent cancer. In addition, scientists noted that animals normalized the level of fatty acids regulating inflammation. An experiment on a change in diet lasted for 26 weeks.

«We believe that the consumption of spinach may also protect people without hereditary predisposition,» said the author of Roderick Dashwood. — It is not necessary to expect the appearance of polyps to start preventive measures. «

Adenomatous polyposis is considered a factor in the increased risk of colon, in which the polyps provoke the development of a malignant tumor. The degree of risk is determined by the number of polyps and the results of their biopsy. Recently scientists from Washington University

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