Roll-Royce electric aircraft made the first flight

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SPIRIT OF INNOVATION high-speed electric aircraft rose into the air from the Royal Air Force Airfield in Amesbury, England. The 15-minute test flight took place six months after the first taxiing tests and for a year later than was scheduled in the original schedule. Now there are more intensive tests and collecting data on the state of all systems at speeds of more than 480 km / h.

The SPIRIT OF INNOVATION project is developed by Rolls-Royce as part of the Aviation Electrification Program (ACEL) not only for installing a new record for electrical aircraft, but also in order to stimulate the use of electric aircraft vertical takeoff and landing (EVTOL) as Aerotexi,

Inside the elongated smooth fuselage, causing classic racing aircraft in the 1930s, installed, according to the company, the battery with the highest specific power that ever collected for aviation. It consists of 6,000 elements reaching 400 kW at 750 V and promises a maximum power of 750 kW with an active cooling control system that protects the power plant from overheating.

«The first flight of Spirit of Innovation has become a great achievement for the ACCEL and Rolls-Royce team,» said Warren East, head of the company. — We are focused on creating technological innovations needed by society for the decarbonization of transport messages by air, land and land, and the use of economic possibilities to go to zero emissions. «

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