Scientists found out which exercises reduce the risk of cancer by a third

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New conclusions were obtained after analyzing the lifestyle of almost 1.3 million people in the observation interval from 6 to 25 years. It turned out that the combination of aerobic and power exercises is most effectively for the prevention of oncological diseases. So far, the power loads were not considered a significant measure to prevent cancer.

According to many previous studies, regular physical exertion reduce cancer risks. For example, WHO recommendations for physical activity for people of all ages are 150-300 minutes per week with moderate intensity or twice as smaller with intensive loads.

A team of scientists from the Federal University of Sao Paulo sought to determine the type and intensity of loads that lead to significant preventive results. They analyzed the data of 12 studies with almost 1.3 million people with a duration of observations from 6 to 25 years. The conclusions of the meta analysis are published on

According to the authors, most studies, from the point of view of cancer prevention, are focused on the importance of aerobic loads, but a number of other works have already shown the advantages of power exercises aimed at strengthening and building muscle.

A new analysis of the lifestyle of participants confirmed the guesses of the authors.

As part of the analysis, scientists were able to trace that such a combination of loads reduced the risks of kidney cancer by 26%. For other types of tumors, it was not possible to determine specific indicators.

In another study, scientists

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