South Korea ordered Apple and Google to solve alternative payment methods

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

South Korean authorities inflicted a serious blow to Apple’s monopoly and Google for payments inside mobile applications. The Korea National Assembly approved a bill that obliges the owners of the App Store and Google Play to open their application stores for alternative services for payment for services and digital products in South Korea. Apple has already made protests and threats, but there is no doubt that the monopolies of technicians for payments in applications come to an end.


«Since the bills with similar consequences are offered in the United States and Europe, the draft law of South Korea will become the cornerstone to regulate the application market platforms around the world,» said the chairman of the Khan San Hek Commission.

Approved innovations will allow private developers to use their own transaction processing tools. They will be able to avoid a commission of 15% and 30%, which IT giants have fallen out any payments within the App Store or Google Play. The government also prohibits Apple and Google to unreasonably postpone the approval of new applications with advanced payment opportunities or delete them from shops. Thus, Korea’s authorities want to protect their developers from indirect pressure from IT giants.

Moreover, it will be clearly not once — it will be fined to ignore new demands to ignore new requirements. Study conflict situations and make decisions about the fines there will be a Korea Communications Commission — one of the main media regulators within the country.

Even before approval of the draft law in South Korea, Apple published a response statement in which he expressed its discontent. Apple insists that new requirements will negatively affect users — attackers will gain more opportunities for fraudulent schemes, and new payment options will make it difficult to safely process transactions.

«The proposed telecommunication business law will be subjected to users who buy digital products from other sources, the risk of fraud, will undermine their privacy protection, it makes it difficult to manage the purchases and functions of the» Purchase «and» Parental Control «functions,» Apple reported.

The company also added that new standards will reduce user confidence in purchases in the App Store app store. The low level of trust, in turn, will reduce the possibilities for more than 482 thousand registered IOS developers from South Korea, which have already earned on their applications in the App Store more than $ 7.3 billion, noted Apple press service.

Apple and Google are not first criticized for monopolizing the mobile application market. Apple is judged on this issue with Epic Games and Spotify since August 2020, and Google representatives have repeatedly opposed the US Congress because of the antimonopoly claims filed more than 36 American States. The European Union also participates in the struggle against IT giants and is now preparing a bill, similar to what is adopted in South Korea.

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