Tesla got a patent for laser wipers

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Two years ago, Tesla presented the first prototype of the Cybertruck electronics. On the windshield, the car was not janitors. Experts suggested that the car will equip the new glass cleaning system. Perhaps it will be a laser system, a patent for Tesla just received.


The US Patent and Commodity Signs Bureau issued a patent for laser wipers a few days ago. The official name of the document is «impulse laser cleaning from dirt accumulated on glass products of vehicles and photovoltaic units.» It is possible that Tesla will create a laser for cleaning from the dirt of the upper layer of solar panels (photoelectric panels) installed on the roof of the houses.

The cleaning system includes a radiation optics node, was noted in the document. The node emits a laser beam for irradiating the area on the glass and detects dirt. The system evaluates the degree of pollution and regulates the level of exposure to the laser beam. It is limited to the impact so that the rays do not scratch the glass.

The attention of autoexperts and presss to janitor was first chained after the presentation of the prototype of the Cybertruck electroprock. There were no wipers in the prototype. Then Tesla filed an application for laser cleaning of windshield. Experts related to these two facts.

However, the Cybertruck cleaning system may be completely different. After all, Tesla

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