Tesla is already tested in China electric vehicle for $ 25 thousand

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

In Chinese blogs, information appeared that the prototype of the new Tesla model, which will cost about $ 25,000, has already been developed by the design center of the company in Shanghai and is currently being tested. Already at the end of the year, the electric vehicle can be launched into a series at the Chinese TESLA factory.

In September last year, Ilon Mask on the presentation of the battery cells of 4680 stated that the company will develop a fundamentally new model of the electric vehicle for three years, the cost of which will be below $ 25,000. Later, in his twittes, Mask wrote that the task of developing a new model could be charged with the new Tesla design center in the Shanghai office of the company.

As the Chinese source notes, Tesla not only has developed a new budget model of an electric vehicle, but has already formed a pool of suppliers of components for its production. However, it is unlikely to quickly run it into production. The problem is that the new model is designed for a new battery format 4680, and their mass production faced difficulties. The company launched an experienced line for the production of elements of 4680 in California, but the scale of production is extremely limited.

Due to the lack of Tesla batteries, it was already forced to move to 2022 the beginning of the serial production of the SEMI electrolyzovka and the Cybertruck electronics.

MODEL Y crossovers of the German assemblies, which should have appeared in the fall of this year, should also use the sizes 4680 cells and the structural battery pack, but these plans are also shifted. This time on administrative reasons — because of the public protests, Tesla still did not receive permission to start the work of a new factory under Berlin, where large-scale production of 4680 batteries will be placed.

On this occasion, Ilon Mask was forced to fly again to Berlin and meet with the Minister of Economics of the Federal Earth’s economy Brandenburg Yorg Steinbach and Prime Minister of Brandenburg Ditmar Voytke.

German rules oblige local authorities to collect from public and environmental organizations objections to the opening of new industrial industries and conduct public hearings on them with the invitation of business representatives. After the hearings are given for several months to collect new objections. If they come and the authorities consider them justified — new hearings are collected. And so the circle behind the circle, until the objections run out or will remain only those that the authorities can ignore, without fear of lawsuits. Business is waiting all this time. This is what is busy mask. The only thing he was pleased is that the objections after the two already past circles of the hearings became about 3 times less, but they are still dozens and they cannot ignore their authorities.

Meanwhile, in the construction of a factory in Germany, Tesla has invested $ 6.9 billion and expected to start making money on it this summer. But even the mask is powerless against the European bureaucracy and complex rules for the accounting of public opinion. In China, it was much easier to run.

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