The drug from tuberculosis blocked 85% cancer metastasis

16 октября, 2021 от hiteck Выкл

Scientists have discovered a new target to prevent the process of tumor metastasis and showed how the drug already approved for humans effectively copes with blocking the development of secondary cancer foci. At the same time, healthy cells are not damaged.

From previous studies, scientists knew that cancer cells migrating from the focal tumor, which launching the metastasis process, are the most adapted cells and for this reason will absorb more energy. British scientists from Solford University decided to assess the level of ATP-ATP molecules in cells to determine the highest-proper cells.

It turned out that the high content of ATP was the most aggressive and five times more metastatic,

Further experiments led to a team to the preparation of Sirturo, which is approved for the treatment of tuberculosis. Scientists knew that the medicine was aimed at this process in bacteria, so they decided to test it against cancer cells.

Their expectations were justified. When scientists applied Sirturo on animal models, the medicine was aimed at the energy generation mechanism in these super-proper cancer cells and caused a quick «power failure».

«This simple idea was constantly directly in front of our nose,» said Michael Lianti research co-author. «Now we see that ATP can be used as a biomarker and a new therapeutic target for aggressive cancer cells.»

The authors are confident that Sirturo’s safety for a person will allow to speed up the launch of clinical studies, however, up to this point still have to do a great job.

Meanwhile, researchers from Switzerland

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