The drug is opened, one dose of which kills all resistant bacteria


As a result of one of the most successful accidents for humanity, Alexander Fleming received the first antibiotic Penicillin. Another unintentional discovery in this area has made scientists from the USA — they accidentally discovered a potentially breakthrough drug, which is capable of becoming alternative weapons in the fight against antibiotic antibiotic infections. The first tests showed its incredible efficacy and safety for the remaining organism cells.

As in the case of Fleming, on the table, scientists from the medical center Jones Hopkins turned out to be a golden staphylococcus bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), however, this time its meticulin-resistant variety (MRSA). This strain dangerous strain exhibits resistance to meticillin, synthetic variety of penicillin.

Initially, scientists were going to explore MRSA skin infections mechanisms on mice models with the ability to produce interleukin 1, beta (IL-1β) and without it,

I realized that before them, perhaps weapons to combat superbacteries, Miller and his colleagues conducted research to make sure their unexpected find is not a mistake. The results turned out to be promising: the only oral dose of Q-VD-OPH reduced the number of lesions of the skin and cleaned the animal organism from the MRSA bacteria. At the same time, treatment worked, regardless of the presence of interleukin 1, beta and without any antibiotics.

As researchers understood, Kaspaza reduces apoptosis — one of the three main ways to remove unnecessary organism of damaged cells — neutrophils and monocytes, leaving them in sufficient quantity so that they can resist MRSA bacteria.

«It’s like a fire majority, where old fire trucks continue to fight fire, because otherwise they will be wriggled,» Miller explained.

Scientists from Switzerland

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